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Rio Rand(tm) 3D Printer Kit Arduino Mega 2560+ Ramps 1. 4+SD Ramps+crewdriver Set Reprap

Rating Rating 5
Rio Rand tm 3D Printer Kit Arduino Mega

the Rio Rand tm 3D Printer is going to make your personal computer look and feel brand-new. I definitely loved that the product had rio rand(tm) 3d printer kit,iduino mega 2560+ ramps 1. 4+sd ramps+crewdriver set&. ,reprap. Other highlights include powered by rio rand advanced technology. Best deal on Rio Rand tm 3D Printer .


Model: 3D printer kit,Iduino Mega 2560+
UPS: 619636107672
Package Quantity: 1

Package List: 1 x Complete soldered and assembled RAMPS 1. 4 3x mechanical endstop 1x clooer fan 2x 100k ohm NTC thermistor 1 x screwdriver set (30 pcs variety attachments and 1 screw handle) 10 x 2-pin cable for thermistors 10 x 3-pin cable for endstops 10 x 4-pin cable for motors 4 1 x Iduino Mega 2560 5 x soldered A4988 driver 5 x heatsink 1 x SD adapter reader for RAMP 1.


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